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Hun Many Calls Sam Rainsy's Insult to the King a Dirty Act

PHNOM PENH: MP Hun Many has condemned Sam Rainsy's comments insulting the King of Cambodia. He said that this insult is a dirty act that tramples on the throne of Cambodia, which shows the depravity and ignorance of the one who made such comments.

Hun Many wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday, 25 October, that the use of dirty words and actions to trample on the Cambodian throne confirms the aggressive and treasonous behavior of Sam Rainsy that absolutely cannot be tolerated.

He said that this act is not only an expression of a lack of morality in his leadership but also opens the door for foreigners to start insulting Cambodia's national honor.

Hun Many called on Sam Rainsy to stop employing dirty and irresponsible political methods, especially trampling on the Cambodian throne, and all forms of incitement that disturb Cambodia's peace under the Royal Government.

"It is this kind of politics that makes our country lose its image," he wrote.

Speaking at a meeting with more than 5,000 flood victims in Pursat province on Tuesday morning, 25 October, the Prime Minister stated that the insult made to the King by the "three generations of traitors," the Sam family, is unacceptable so both Sam Rainsy and the party he is affiliated with must be condemned.

"Both monks and citizens, please stand up against the traitors and any party associated with this traitor to ensure the protection of the monarchy, the protection of the throne, the protection of the King, the unity of the peace of our territory," said the Prime Minister.

Sam Rainsy recently made comments insulting the King when he said that "The King of Cambodia has no national conscience at all." He also accused the King of having signed a royal decree to cut off foreign territory. These comments have been met with widespread condemnation from the Royal Government and all ministries and institutions.

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