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PM Hopes that the People Will Continue to Support the CPP in 2023 General Election

Siem Reap: Prime Minister Hun Sen hopes that the people will continue to vote for the CPP in 2023 to continue enjoying peace and prosperity. 

Speaking at a meeting with people who voluntarily relocated from the Angkor resort area to Pak Sneang Development Zone this morning, 22 October 2022, Prime Minister Hun Sen expressed hope that the Cambodian People's Party will win the election in 2023 to lead Cambodia. Hopefully, the people who moved to the area will still support the CPP.

The Prime Minister said: "They will accuse me of campaigning before the mandate period, but this is my right to speak because others always go to ask for the people’s votes, but I also ask people to vote for me, for the CPP.”

The Prime Minister added: "Because we have to stay together for 10 years, why? Because I have to announce a policy on issues related to giving social assistance cards for 10 years; therefore, we have to be connected for 10 years. That is not to say that [I] use social assistance to bind the people to vote for the CPP. But think about it, the one who provided this is the CPP, is Hun Sen, [yet] to vote for another party, it does not seem appropriate!”

On 29 June 2022, the Royal Government of Cambodia has set Sunday 23 June 2023, as the date for the National Assembly election for the 7th legislature of the National Assembly.

PHOTO: ហ៊ុន យុទ្ធគុណ

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