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NEC Sets 50 Days for Citizens to Register to Vote in Their Communes/Sangkats

PHNOM PENH: The National Election Committee (NEC) has set a 50-day period from 20 October to 8 December 2022, including weekends, for citizens to check the list of registered voters, and to allow citizens who have not yet registered to do so at the Commune / Sangkat Hall.

The 50-day voter registration and inspection period is divided into three phases: the first 15 days from 20 October to 3 November 2022 will allow citizens to check their registration at the Commune / Sangkat hall; the next 25 days from 4-28 November 2022 will see voter registration offices become mobile in some villages in each commune; and in the last 10 days from 29 November to 8 December, the voter registration office will reopen at the Commune / Sangkat hall.

The NEC emphasized that during this period, commune councils and voter registration groups can be adjusted according to each citizen's geographical situation, to ensure that eligible voters in all communes can afford to come and register to vote safely.

The voter registration office will, however, be closed for three days between 3-18 November 2022, to allow the voter registration team to have a meeting to go over and monitor the implementation of the registered voter list.

According to the NEC press release, voter registration offices in commune halls across the country opened at 7 am on 20 October 2022 with no disruptions.

In a press briefing held after renewing his voter registration information in Takhmao city, Kandal province, on Thursday morning, 20 October, Prime Minister Hun Sen called on the registrar and relevant officials to expedite the issuance of ID cards for citizens, so that they can register to vote or change their voting locality as soon as possible and in time for next year's General Elections, set for 23 July 2023.

The Prime Minister has called on citizens who have not yet registered to vote and are of voting age to hurry and register so that they can exercise their right to vote.

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