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Cambodia-Germany Jointly Strengthen Cooperation and Promote Investment

PHNOM PENH: The newly-appointed German Ambassador to Cambodia, Stefan Anton Messerer, has told Prime Minister Hun Sen that Germany will continue to promote cooperation and relations between the two countries, which continue to grow closer together.

The new German Ambassador to Cambodia met with the Prime Minister on Monday morning, 10 October, where he stated that he will work hard to help Cambodia on its journey to success during his tenure. In particular, he said he will do his best to encourage more German investment in Cambodia.

Ambassador Messerer praised the Cambodian Prime Minister's stance in opposing Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and said he also highly appreciated the Prime Minister’s decision to help find solutions to the ongoing crisis in Myanmar.

In response, Prime Minister Hun Sen thanked the German government and people for helping Cambodia.

"All of Cambodia's success and development cannot be separated from German aid. In particular, German aid has helped Cambodia prevent Covid-19," he said.

In response to the Ambassador’s assessment of the problems in Russia and Ukraine, the Prime Minister said that the imposition of sanctions on Russia not only affects Russia and Europe, but also the whole world, including Cambodia. The Prime Minister said that there should therefore be a review of this matter.

Regarding the ongoing crisis in Myanmar, the Prime Minister said that all countries are working hard to seek peace for the people of Myanmar, the region and the world.

He emphasized that the purpose of Cambodia's visits to Myanmar were to end the fighting, provide humanitarian assistance to the people, and promote political dialogue. However, the Prime Minister acknowledged that political dialogue has not yet been successfully achieved, and ASEAN member countries must continue their efforts in earnest.


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