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Why Did Veng Sakhon Have to Remove?

Phnom Penh: Mr. Veng Sakhon was terminated by the King from the post of Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on the evening of October 8, 2022, while he was returning to Cambodia after completing his mission in Europe.

The King's decree did not specify the reason for Veng Sakhon's removal. But it is likely that Veng Sakhon has angered the prime minister and other leaders.

There are some problem related to the leadership of Mr. Veng Sakhon since 2021.

Goat issue During September 2021, PM Hun Sen ordered Veng Sakhon to interpret the story of the agriculture official who seized the goat meat of the people as the PM saying it was unacceptable and show compassion to the people who suffered from This too. PM also ordered to review the preparation of the law on this matter.

In July 2021, the issue involved a lion that officials confiscated from a Chinese man in Phnom Penh. At that time, PM Hun Sen decided that Chinese men could bring their lions home.

The last issue that caused the most problems was related to the ban on the import of pigs from abroad, which at that time was the correspondence between two ministers, the Minister of Economy, Mr. Aun Pornmoniroth and the Minister of Agriculture. Veng Sakhon himself. 

At that time, Prime Minister directly ordered the Minister of Economy to deal with this while blaming Mr. Veng Sakhon.

At the closing ceremony of the annual meeting of the Ministry of Interior on February 23, 2022, PM Hun Sen pointed out that Mr. Veng Sakhon was a minister who did not know how to cooperate with other ministers.

The prince said: "They have a meeting, but you do not join! you lead the Ministry of Agriculture not to control the whole Cambodian economy? […] His Excellency's way of working is like riding a horse to see flowers. ”

At that time, PM Hun Sen also warned that He needed only 24 hours to remove any minister from office.

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