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More Than 2 Million Are Likely to Receive Social Assistance Under New System

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen has said that by including people who have been affected by inflationary pressures, the Royal Government estimates that there could be more than 600,000 families, equivalent to more than two million people, integrated into the new social assistance system.

In total, counting the support provided to the poor and vulnerable affected by Covid-19 and those who have been acutely affected by inflationary pressures, Cambodia will be providing social assistance to more than five million people in the country.

Speaking at the Cambodia Vision Conference 2022 on Thursday morning, 6 October, the Prime Minister remarked that the issue of the Russia-Ukraine war, in addition to the sanctions placed on Russia, have caused problems around the world.

He said that to help the people affected by inflation, the government has also decided to provide them with social assistance.

"We cannot let our people suffer because of inflation," he said. "So it's representative that we have some capital left in our hands to intervene and help the affected."

The Prime Minister also told the people who are suffering from inflation to apply for social assistance with the relevant authorities, who will evaluate eligibility and the budget available to provide aid accordingly.

It is worth noting that Cambodia currently provides social assistance to more than three million people affected by the Covid-19 crisis, coming to a total of US $40 million spent by the government per month. The total social assistance budget has already amounted to about US $800 million.

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