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APSARA Authority Reparing Takao Gate at Angkor

Siem Reap: One of the most photographed sites at Angkor, the great “Takao Gate” at Angkor Thom, is being repaired. The gate is located along the western side of the Bayon Temple. Visitors reach it by crossing the richly engraved Hal Bridge.

Due to erosion, forest growth and the sheer volume of traffic it has seen in recent years, the gate had become unstable. Some of its statues and carvings had collapsed, including that of Indra Hong on its famous three-headed elephant.

Chief architect in charge of the restoration project, Ms. Han Socharey, says she realised the importance of the work, as well as its extent. It’s not only the gate that is under repair, but the road leading up to it, as well as the bridge. The work is being all being carried out at the same time, so that the famous gate can be enjoyed by visitors as soon as possible.

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