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Despite the Busy Work, PM’s Energy and Spirit For the Nation Still Strong

PHNOM PENH: Flying from Phnom Penh to Seoul, to Alaska, to New York and then continuing from New York to Havana, to Alaska, to Tokyo before finally returning back home to Phnom Penh on Wednesday, 28 September, Prime Minister Hun Sen traveled 33,597 kilometers by plane over the course of his eight-day diplomatic trip abroad. This does not include car trips and meetings with senior leaders and the speeches he gave at the UN General Assembly.

"The Prime Minister’s weakness is none!” said the Minister attached to the Prime Minister, Kao Kim Hourn. “The Prime Minister is full of energy, full of memories, full of wisdom."

During his visit to the United States, Cuba and Japan, the Prime Minister received many guests with almost no time to rest.

Minister Kao Kim Hourn recalled that the Prime Minister’s busiest day on his trip was in Cuba.

"On the day that the Prime Minister met with students in Cuba, I would like to inform you that he had meetings from morning to night without getting tired,” said Minister Kao Kim Hourn. “The Prime Minister never said that he was tired! I never heard him say it. I say that the Prime Minister is the supreme leader, providing the best example for the next generation."

The Royal Government of Cambodia Special Aircraft landed at Phnom Penh International Airport around 3 pm on Wednesday, 28 September. Prime Minister Hun Sen stepped out of the plane with a smile on his face and was greeted by senior officials and many high government officials who came to receive him at the airport.

Despite traveling more than 30,000 kilometers, the spirit and smile of the Prime Minister were still there for the people of Cambodia. On Thursday, 29 September, the Prime Minister will also chair the "Sixth Interfaith Forum Against Human Trafficking."

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