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Minister of Culture Praises PM's Heroism and Struggles in Childhood, Which Youth Should See and Follow

PHNOM PENH: The Minister of Culture and Fine Arts has expressed her admiration for the Prime Minister's childhood struggle and heroism as seen through the short film "Life of a Pagoda Boy,” adding that the younger generation should follow this as an example.

At the premiere of the song and short film titled "Life of a Pagoda Boy" on Wednesday morning, 28 September, the Minister of Culture and Fine Arts, Phoeurng Sackona, said that all young people should continue to follow the Prime Minister’s example without delay. She said if you want to do something, you should start doing it immediately with perseverance and patience.

"Consistent drops of water can break a rock, so if you want to study, but you do not want persevere, the next day you will drop out of school," she said. "The perseverance of the Prime Minister, little by little, focused on education as the end goal, should be the model for the youth of the next generation to find perseverance to do little by little to attend their goal and not be rushed in wanting too much.”

The Culture Minister also called on the Cambodian Artists Association and all stakeholders to continue promoting this song and accompanying short film more widely, to allow young people and the next generation of Cambodians to take it as an example to follow, in order to gain experience and strengthen their capacities.

"Therefore, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and my own behalf, I would like to encourage the Cambodian Artists Association and all stakeholders to participate in the promotion of the film ‘Life of a Pagoda Boy’ more widely," she said. "By all means to inspire the spirit of the Khmer people to continue learning and citing the experience and heroic example of Prime Minister Hun Sen to strengthen their own ability and be ready to contribute to the development of society in the future."

Minister Phoeurng Sackona also asked the Cambodian Artists Association to continue contributing to efforts to create something new and preserve identity through the production of Khmer songs, the display of Khmer food, Khmer clothes, and other cultural heritage artifacts such as the Chapei Dang Veng, traditional Khmer music, and more.

"We have a lot of [cultural] wealth that we have to take care of. Do not worry about others, worry about ourselves because no one helps to take care of us," said the Minister.

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