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Cambodia to Start Importing or Producing Diabetic Vaccine From Cuba

Havana: The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, has ordered the Minister of Health, Mr. Mam Bunheng, to cooperate with the Cuban Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology to co-import or produce the Cancer and Diabetes vaccine.

This order was made during PM's visit to the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Cuba on September 24, 2022.

According to the institute's management, Cuba is currently facing serious economic and social crises, including shortages of food, medicine, medical supplies, food, housing, foreign debt default, rising migration and high inflation.

In an effort to contribute to economic recovery, Fidel Castro set up the center to increase research to contribute to the further development of Cuba. The center has grown in quality in science, engineering, genetics and biotechnology, especially in the field of health research through the development of the Cuban Covid-19 vaccine, the Diabetes Vaccine, which is made in Cuba.

In response, PM Hun Sen assigned Minister Mam Bunheng to liaise with the Center to cooperate on the import or production of cancer and diabetes vaccines to the Kingdom of Cambodia, as Cambodia has a high incidence rate of these two types.

The leadership of the Institute has accepted PM's request and will continue to cooperate with the Ministry of Health of Cambodia.

The Republic of Cuba is the largest island nation in the Caribbean and is a key part of the Gulf of Mexico, the perfect geographical and strategic location for connecting Central America, South America and the Caribbean to the United States. 

Cuba has abundant natural resources, lasting peace, and almost complete physical infrastructure left by the Spanish colonies and pre-revolutionary governments, and has a reputation for exporting sugar, a record high in the Human Development Index. To export human resources and so on.

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