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Police Arrest Youth with Modified Loud and Disruptive Motorcycle Exhaust

KAMPONG THOM: Police in Sala Visay commune, Balang district, Kampong Thom province, arrested a group of young boys who had modified a motorbike to make a disruptively loud sound when driving. The authorities stopped the young boys, made them film a video blowing into the exhaust to demonstrate how loud it was, then educated them before sending them home.

This incident occurred on 19 September 2022 and was posted on the Sala Visay Administration Police Post Facebook page.

One of the young boys caught by the police, Sao Sok Hong, said “I rode a motorbike equipped with a loud noise-making exhaust causing annoyance to the villagers. After the authorities educated me, I promised to stop doing this. Please send a message to young people of the same age, I ask you not to do this."

Many commented and cheered the boys on. Some wrote, “I hope you will learn from this," and "Yes! Stop bothering others!" while others jokingly said, “Where can I buy that flute (exhaust)? It makes a beautiful sound, like a pre-Angkorian style that we have never heard before!" and “I support this!"

The four young men who made the noisy exhaust admitted their mistake and publicly instructed others to not follow their example.

"Please do not follow us," they said.

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