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Government Outlines Five Points for Tourism Recovery in Cambodia

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PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen has highlighted five important factors for the recovery of tourism in Cambodia after the situation of Covid-19 eased in 2022.

Prime Minister Hun Sen released a message on 19 September 2022 saying that to celebrate World Tourism Day 2022, under the theme "Rethinking Tourism,” the Royal Government of Cambodia has highlighted five main factors, as this year is set to be the first year in the phase of tourism recovery based on the vision that "the future of tourism starts from today."

One factor is to promote the development of tourism products and destinations with quality, safety, attractiveness, and innovation.

Other factors include promoting joint-planning, joint-use, and a coherent governance based on a "bottom-up approach" to priority tourism destinations, by strengthening management mechanisms of tourism destinations.

In particular, the main priority is the promotion of digitalization in the Cambodian tourism development process to strengthen resilience, sustainability, quality, and competitive excellence, as well as to support the building of a digital social economy, an innovative economy and a green economy in Cambodia.

The rapid transformation of the travel and tourism industry requires tourism professionals with new knowledge and skills to enable the tourism workforce to have the capacity and ability to adapt to new trends.

Tourism cooperation within bilateral and multilateral frameworks, including tourism cooperation within the frameworks of ASEAN, ACMECS, CLMV (Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar-Vietnam), the Mekong cooperation, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and many other international tourism communities, must be strengthened to support the flow of international tourism to Cambodia.

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