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PM Say Officers Who are Incapable of Cracking Down on Illegal Gambling will be Remove

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Phnom Penh: The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia Hun Sen has warned to remove officials from district to provincial governors, including police and military officers, if they fail to crack down on illegal gambling in their territory.

In a special audio message on the morning of Saturday, September 17, 2022, PM Hun Sen stated that the Royal Government has decided to establish a national working group to crack down on illegal gambling, which he said should not be a job on national level, because the government has already given the job to the sub-national level to manage.

Therefore, he said that with the establishment of this national working group, the district and provincial governors must also have their own work to crack down, while the national working group also has another duty to investigate officials those involved in conspiracy to establish illegal gambling in those districts.

He warns that the he will remove officials who lack the ability to crack down on gambling in their area.

He Said: "I think the grassroots force is enough to do this before the national team arrives. The problem is whether you do it or not, please reiterate that I am not intimidated by the removal of the position with the provincial governor or deputy governor or district governor or the rank of military police officer from Up from Colonel, I will issue a sub-decree to end their job immediately".

PM understands that the location of gambling at the local level, all officials will know, but the important thing is whether they are willing to crack down or not? While he raised the question of whether those places can be a place for officials to make money?

It should be noted that on September 16, 2022, PM Hun Sen just signed the establishment of a national working group to crack down on illegal gambling, which was led by Secretary of State for the Ministry of Interior Sok Phal.

This working group has the role of planning, measures and guidelines for the competent authorities at all levels to implement and crack down on all kinds of illegal gambling in collaboration with the competent authorities at the national, sub-national administrations to conduct research and take action crack down on illegal gambling sites.

In addition, measures can be taken to investigate and investigate the existence of human trafficking, labor trafficking, sex trafficking and money laundering crimes, as well as other crimes committed in those illegal gambling sites in order to Co-operate to crack down on those crimes in accordance with the law in force.

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