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PM Urges People to Remain Vigilant Against Covid-19 During Pchum Ben

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen has called on citizens to continue vigilance and participate in the implementation of the '3 Do's and Don't's' to prevent the recurrence of Covid-19 in the community, following numerous gatherings during the Pchum Ben festival.

In a special audio message released on Monday, 12 September, The Prime Minister called on people to continue following health measures when traveling to pagodas or other places that require the attention of all those involved in the country's socioeconomic process.

"Even though there is low risk of disease, I still continue to call on all the monks in the temples, especially the chief abbots in each pagoda, as well as all citizens, to continue following health measures and taking care to prevent the spread of infection at temples, and from temples to people's homes," he said.

Prime Minister Hun Sen hopes that people will understand and take care to protect themselves by continuing to implement the measures issued by the Ministry of Health, and those put in place at the pagodas.

Authorities and the health department must continue to conduct regular inspections to avoid the spread of disease at a time of increased mobilization in temples, and must continue to promote measures such as the '3 Do's and 3 Don't's.'

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