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ASEAN Chair Announces ASEAN Economic Club

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen, the Chairman of ASEAN 2022, has officially announced the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Club to help promote closer ASEAN integration.

Speaking at the ASEAN Leadership Forum on Monday morning, 12 September, the Prime Minister stated that the ASEAN Economic Club can contribute to the region by participating in monitoring and evaluation and making professional recommendations on the implementation of agreements, such as free trade agreements, regional agreements and others.

"This club will play an important role in promoting closer ASEAN economic integration," he said.

The idea of establishing the ASEAN Economic Club was raised by the President of the KSI Asia-Pacific Strategic Institute, Tan Sri Michael Yeoh, to Prime Minister Hun Sen last week on Thursday, 8 September.

Yeoh stated that the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Club will help provide input to ASEAN and act as a bridge of institutional relations with ASEAN in other areas.


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