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Ministry of Commerce Warns of Action Against Tobacco Counterfeiters

PHNOM PENH: The Consumer Protection Competition and Fraud Repression Directorate-General (CCF) of the Ministry of Commerce has warned to take action against those who counterfeit tobacco products (counterfeit cigarettes) as they are violating the law and affecting the national economy and investor confidence.

In a press release issued on Thursday, 8 September, the CCF stated that it had received a series of complaints regarding counterfeit (brand) tobacco products circulating in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The CCF added that these fraudulent activities were in violation of the trademark laws and acts of dishonest competition, the laws on quality control, safety of products and services, and the laws to protect users, the competition laws as well as other national and international laws and regulations in force. These activities could harm national economic interests and affect the confidence of legitimate investors doing business in Cambodia.

The CCF reminded owners of companies, enterprises, craftsmen, traders, and distributors of tobacco products to comply with the content of the law and legal documents in force in Cambodia.

In the event that a person is found to have committed an offense related to any act and unrighteous practice, the General Department of CCF of the Ministry of Commerce, a statutory authority, will take action in accordance with the laws and other applicable regulations.

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