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Government Ready to Develop Postal Services to Keep Up with Technological Advancements

PHNOM PENH: The Council of Ministers has fully approved the draft policy for the development of the Cambodian postal sector 2022-2030, in order to develop the Cambodian postal sector in line with technological developments.

The approval was made at a Council of Ministers meeting on Friday morning, 9 September, chaired by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Government Spokesperson, Phay Siphan, has said that the draft policy would respond to evolving social and economic needs, in line with the international postal development framework to expand the scope of the postal service, improve its quality and make it more efficient and sustainable for the people.

"With economic growth, technological advancements, as well as lifestyles in society, the use of mail for communication has declined sharply in Cambodia as well as across the world," he said. "Instead, the sending of domestic and cross-border packages are seen to be growing rapidly in line with the rise of e-commerce."

He said that due to the development of electronic systems, favorable conditions have been created for the promotion and further development of the postal sector in Cambodia.

This policy aims to strengthen and expand the provision of postal services in a comprehensive, efficient, effective, safe and reliable manner, as well as to support the diversification of postal services and the postal service business with the promotion of modernization and the use of digital technology to contribute to the development of e-commerce and to support Cambodia's economic diversification.

The four goals set out in this policy are to improve the management of the postal sector to ensure the improvement of service quality, the protection of consumer interests, the modernization of postal services, the development of infrastructure, the expansion of the postal network, the extension of access to the people along with the use of digital technology, the facilitation of the private sector to do business in the postal sector, and the increased transport and distribution of postal services by promoting fair competition and enhancing the role of Cambodia Post.

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications will play a cooperative role and coordinate with ministries, institutions, development partners, the private sector, national and international organizations to implement priority activities and achieve the set strategy.

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