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Former Foreign Minister Continues to Expose Sam Rainsy's Arrogant and Relentless Character

PHNOM PENH: Former Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Hor Namhong has continued to expose opposition leader Sam Rainsy's arrogant and relentless use of defamatory words, despite currently being convicted by a French court in a defamation case.

DPM Hor Namhong made a post on his Facebook page sharing the verdicts of both French courts that ruled that Sam Rainsy had lost his defamation case. In the ruling, the French Supreme Court stated that although Sam Rainsy had defamed Hor Namhong and, therefore, lost his case, Rainsy had also been pardoned “wholeheartedly.”

Sam Rainsy saw defeat in the French court case where he had accused DPM Hor Namhong of being the head of the Boeung Trabek prison during the Khmer Rouge Regime, when the DPM himself was actually one of the prisoners.

DPM Hor Namhong’s remarks come now after a French court, on 1 September, began hearings for a lawsuit filed by Prime Minister Hun Sen and Dy Vichea against Sam Rainsy over his allegations that the Prime Minister was behind the Hok Lundy helicopter crash in 2008.

The French court is scheduled to announce its verdict in early October 2022.

It should also be noted that Prime Minister Hun Sen and Dy Vichea's lawsuit against Sam Rainsy was filed in a court in Paris, France on 20 August 2019, where an investigative judge ruled to convict Sam Rainsy on “public defamation charges against an individual” on 8 June 2020.

Prime Minister Hun Sen decided to file a lawsuit against Sam Rainsy for a message he posted on his Facebook page and an interview he did with the Voice of America (VOA), where Rainsy accused the Prime Minister of being the mastermind behind the murder of Hok Lundy and had also ordered the killing of Chea Vichea, the leader of the Free Trade Union of Workers in Cambodia. 

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