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Siamese Croc Breeding Planned at Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary

Phnom Penh: 6th September, 2022 -Ministry of Environment and development partners are considering on promoting the number of endangered Siamese crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) in Srepok wildlife sanctuary in Mondulkiri province for conservation and local economic development purposes.

The number of Siamese crocodiles have dwindled because of climate change and illegal fishing in many areas, said the secretary of state, adding that the animal could be seen living mostly in Areng area of Koh Kong province.

To preserve the Siamese crocodile, he added, the ministry and development partners have been breeding more of it so far in Areng, and we are committed to do the same at Srepok as this rare animal is on the verge of extinction.

Mr. Seng Teak, the Country Director of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – an active wildlife conservation organisation working with the Ministry of Environment – fully supported the ministry's commitment.

The breeding of the medium-sized freshwater crocodile at Srepok will not only conserve the endangered animal, but also promote local economy because it will attract tourists and nature lovers to visit the area.

Between 200 and 400 Siamese crocodiles are currently livings in natural habitats in Cambodia, while globally there are less than 1,000.

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