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Hun Manet: Human Resources Contribute to the Country's Independence and Promote International Competition

PHNOM PENH: The Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and Commander-in-Chief of the Army, Lt. Gen. Hun Manet, has stated that education and training of human resources not only contributes to strengthening the independence of the country, but also plays an important role in promoting and intensifying competition in the current age of globalization. He made this statement during the graduation ceremony at Indravitcha University.

Speaking on Monday morning, 5 September, Lt. Gen. Hun Manet said that the nation's greatest achievement since 1979 was based on prioritizing the implementation of education policies and long-term visions, and the development of human resources with ability, virtue and morality, who can lead, manage, build and develop the country independently in all areas, including both the public and private sectors, and civil society organizations.

"It is a matter of pride that we must continue to work together for the sustainability of national development, human resources are the pillar that support the nation, especially the new generation who have full opportunities to learn, to strive to build a strong body to sustain and take responsibility to continue building a growing country," he said.

He added that the current state of peace in Cambodia has enabled students to take advantage of education that will promote personal and national development.

"Because people have the same brain capacity to develop themselves, regardless of race or nationality," he said.

As for the future direction, Lt. Gen. Hun Manet said that the biggest key to building human resources is to improve the quality of education from primary school to 12th grade, especially in government institutions that need to be refined. This is because the quality of human resources depends on the provision of education and training from an early age, especially in a school and family environment, to develop human resources that have good ability, knowledge, health, virtue, ethics, discipline and responsibility. Additionally, raising awareness on culture and civilization can help enable younger generations to analyze and capture what is good, discard what is bad, and exercise their rights and freedoms responsibly.

"Overall, this is an approach to human resource development that focuses on changing the mindset of competition and self-confidence to be practiced from a young age," said Lt. Gen. Hun Manet.

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