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Thai Ambassador Expresses Satisfaction Over Ties with Cambodia

PHNOM PENH: The Thai Ambassador to Cambodia has expressed his satisfaction with the relationship between Thailand and the Kingdom of Cambodia, which he said has provided mutual benefits both in terms of relations and economy.

During a farewell meeting with Prime Minister Hun Sen on Monday morning, 5 September, Ambassador Panyarak Poolthup praised the intervention measures Cambodia used during the Covid-19 crisis and thanked the Royal Government of Cambodia for vaccinating him and all Thai Embassy staff against Covid-19 as well.

Ambassador Panyarak also said that during his four-year term in Cambodia he managed to achieve his goals and commitments.

The Prime Minister’s personal assistant, Eang Sophalleth, told reporters after the meeting, "At this time, [the Thai Ambassador] informed Prime Minister Hun Sen that he has fulfilled his commitments and the cooperation and relations between the two countries have been expanded and strengthened. Trade between the two countries has increased by 10% despite the Covid-19 crisis, and [relations in] education, human resource development and other areas have also improved."

Prime Minister Hun Sen thanked Ambassador Panyarak for helping to improve Cambodian-Thai relations, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, and wished the Ambassador continued success in his future missions.

Panyarak Poolthup was appointed the Thai Ambassador to Cambodia more than four years ago. He arrived in Cambodia in February 2018, making 2022 his last year in Cambodia.


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