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Week of Heavy Weather for Phnom Penh, Surrounding Provinces

Phnom Penh: It’s going to be a week of very heavy weather. Strong winds, thunderstorms and heavy rain are on their way to the central lowland areas of the country from Wednesday 23 June. The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology released the statement on Tuesday afternoon.

Cambodia is already experiencing the annual southwest monsoon, but a low-pressure system is set to intensify weather conditions from Wednesday. The central lowlands will be worst hit, with warnings of heavy rain, lightning and strong winds. Daily temperatures will range from 24-35 degrees.

Provinces further south could also receive some heavy rain. Along the coast though conditions are expected to be more moderate. Minimum temperatures will range between 24 and 26 degrees, with midday highs between 31 and 33. Moderate to heavy rainfall is forecast for provinces along the Dangrek Mountains and the Northeastern Plateau, where daily temperatures will range from 22 to 33 degrees.

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