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National Police Adds English, Chinese and Vietnamese Hotline Response Officer to Aid Foreigners

PHNOM PENH: The General Commissioner of the National Police has added officers who can speak English, Chinese and Vietnamese to receive reports from foreigners through the national police hotline. This move was made especially in regard to the increasing number of illegal detention and human trafficking cases involving foreigners in Cambodia.

The hotline number for the General Commissioner of the National Police is 117.

The General Commission of the National Police has also called on people all across Cambodia to cooperate with authorities in eliminating human trafficking and all forms of illegal detention by calling and putting their confidence in the hotline number 117.

The 117 hotline connects to the command center of the National Police, waiting to receive and respond to reports immediately, such as reports of criminal offenses, traffic incidents, fires or other accidents. Members of the public can call 117 free of charge, even if their phone balance is insufficient.

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