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Golden Gate American School Finally Have Their Grand Opening

PHNOM PENH: Golden Gate American School Phnom Penh Thmey Campus finally gets to have their grand opening after 2 years after officially opening due to covid19.Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport, Chea Cheat attended the ceremony.

Due to Covid19 Golden Gate had opened their campus but was not able to have their Grand opening until 25th October.

The ceremony started off with traditional dancing from the students of the school. Then the chairwoman Heng Sokunthea gave an opening speech. She thanked all attendees, students their parents, teachers, all parties involved in helping of setting up the campus and the Prime Minister Hun Sen. Followed by a speech by the Under Secretary of State Chea Cheat.

Golden Gate American School was founded in 1996, where they offered kindergarten instruction in English, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, computer skills, and a variety of short courses like marketing, general administration, general management, and accounting.

In 2009–2010 the school began offering Khmer, English, and Chinese curriculums for the higher grades. Efforts from the academic staff and teachers with strong educational backgrounds, and the curriculum's alignment with the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport's curriculum.

Students will earn two certificates: one from the Department of Education, Youth, and Sport and the other from a school in the United States. The national high school diploma provided by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport and the grade 12 certificate issued by Golden Gate American School are comparable.

20 students completed the 12th grade in Khmer during the academic year 2020–2021, and one of them earned an A grade.

39 students competed in the Copernicus Olympiad, an international contest for general science, physics, and astronomy knowledge, in Texas, USA, in January 2022. As a result, our students took home a total of 36 medals, including 7 gold, 10 Silver, and 19 bronze.

In the Teeneagle Competition the school organized a team of 39 students (15 girls) to compete in London in July 2022. The students were awarded 3 gold, 7 silver, 5 bronze, 20 honorary medals, and 2 certificates.

EAC News interviewed John Turman Marketing manager. He spoke about the curriculum and how proud they were with their students who attended Teeneagle.

John Turman Marketing manager said “we have three language programs available here, we have a Chinese program, a Khmer program, and an English program, and in our English program we have an American curriculum that covers all the standard subjects that are covered in an American school”.

“This is a full American curriculum, we cover, all the subjects like maths, science, and we have a brand new science lab, in our new campus here. We cover Art we have a brilliant art program; we have music class available as well, humanity’s”.

“It’s fantastic we love to see our students get to travel and compete and they do a great job, they did a fantastic job and we were really excited about it”.

John Turman was also excited they had announced they will be opening a new campus with 5 Hectare of land located at Samdech Techo Hun Sen Street (60 Street).

“They announced that there was another exciting thing happens today they announced the opening a brand new campus”.

The school also formed a "Golden Gate Foundation" to raise money for the purchase of study materials that would then be donated to students and schools in rural areas that were in need. July 20–21, 2022, the school supplied study materials to four schools with a combined enrollment of 818 students

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