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Cambodian Red Cross Makes Third Donation to Les Restaurants Des Enfants

PHNOM PENH: The Cambodian Red Cross made its third donation to Les Restaurants Des Enfants to support orphans, children in poor families, children living with HIV, and 280 scavengers at the Victory Primary School in Boeung Keng Kang, Phnom Penh on Thursday, 25 August.

The Deputy Secretary General of the Cambodian Red Cross, Men Neary Sopheak, expressed her pleasure in seeing the organization's attention to vulnerable children. She stated that the Cambodian Red Cross will continue to support and assist the vulnerable.

She said, "We already know that the Cambodian Red Cross always receives donations from donors on World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day on 8 May. Since we have received this money, we are active in helping the most vulnerable people, and children [that Les Restaurants Des Enfants supports] can be called the most vulnerable.”

The President of Les Restaurants Des Enfants, Ngov Chhiv, thanked the Cambodian Red Cross for taking care of vulnerable children’s’ well-being, by continuing to support the organization’s funding and food supply.

He stated that the purpose of this organization is "To help poor children get enough to eat, avoid diseases and get an education and avoid drugs.”

He further added, “In fact, many young people who have taken refuge under the roof of the Children's Kitchen have gone to college, gotten decent jobs, and some have even volunteered to help the younger generations at the organization.”

In this third donation made by the Cambodian Red Cross, Les Restaurants Des Enfants received three tons of rice, many other essential food items and supplies, and a monetary donation of 10 million riel (about US $2,500). Separately, the Cambodian Red Cross Sub-Branch in Boeung Keng Kang District also donated 100 kg of rice, 10 cases of noodles and 10 cases of drinking water. 

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