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PM Requests Help in Identifying Source of Four Photos Related to Cambodia's History of Peace

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen has asked for help in identifying the source and information behind four photos related to Cambodia's history of peace.

In a post made on his official Facebook page on Friday morning, 26 August, the Prime Minister shared four photos of himself and wrote that he thinks these photos were taken at the same time due to his clothes and name-badge on his suit, however, he said he is unclear about where and when those pictures were taken.

He suspects the photos were taken during a meeting in one of five different countries. The first place he suspects is in Indonesia, either during the Jakarta Informal Meeting (JIM) in 1988-1989, or the Preparation of the SNC in 1991; the second is the first Paris Conference in France in 1989; the third is the SNC Establishment Meeting in Tokyo, Japan in 1990; the fourth is the SNC meeting in Bangkok or Pattaya, Thailand in 1991; and the fifth is the SNC meeting in Beijing, China in 1991.

The Prime Minister appealed to the public to help him find the source and information behind the four photos. He wrote, "I would like to call on those who know the source of this photo to help, because these photos are related to the history of seeking peace for Cambodia."

Prime Minister Hun Sen was one of the four parties that took part in negotiating peace for Cambodia in 1991. Despite these peace talks, the country did not see complete peace until the launch of the win-win policy in 1998, which helped end the Khmer Rouge movement and has kept Cambodia peaceful until the present day. Win-win politics re-established Cambodia as a peaceful, united nation, following more than 500 years of tumultuous history.

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