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Government Bond on Sale for First Time

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Economy has announced that it will issue the first public security bonds, amounting to a total of US $300 million, and which will start selling from September 2022 onwards.

In a press release issued on 16 August 2022, the Ministry of Economy stated that government bonds are worth 1 million riel, or US $250, per bond with a repayment period of one year, three years and five years.

According to the Ministry of Economy, state-owned investors will also receive tax incentives along with incentives in the banking sector.

A government bond is a debt security issued by the government to support state spending and obligations. Government bonds can be paid in periodic interest payments called coupon payments. Government bonds issued by national governments are often considered low-risk investments since the issuing government backs them.

According to the draft financial law of 2022, the Cambodian government planned to issue the first government bond in 2022 to raise funds to support public investment projects aimed at boosting economic growth and productivity.

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