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MOH Warns Malis Dangkor Polyclinic and Asks Phnom Penh Authorities to Take Action

PHNOM PENH: The Minister of Health, Mam Bunheng, has issued a warning and fine to Dr. Sim Vorn, the owner of Malis Dangkor Polyclinic, after discovering that his private clinic violated the Ministry's measures banning private ambulances fom transporting patients to private clinics for treatment. The Minister of Health has requested the Governor of Phnom Penh, Khuong Sreng, to strengthen measures on private clinics that use ambulances to commit such illegal acts.

In a letter addressed to Dr. Sim Vorn, the Minister of Health issued a fine of 10 million riel (approximately US $2,500) to Malis Dangkor Polyclinic and ordered for the clinic to stop using its ambulance to transport patients directly to the private clinic, as they must abide by the contract, laws, sub-decrees and other legal documents of the Ministry of Health.

Minister Mam Bunheng warned, “In case Dr. Sim Vorn does not follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry will take measures to close Malis Dangkor Polyclinic by not allowing further examination and treatment of patients."

In a separate letter sent to Phnom Penh Governor Khuong Sreng, the Minister of Health stated that the Ministry had previously issued several circulars prohibiting private clinics from using their ambulances to transport road accident patients at their clinics, however, the Ministry still finds that some private clinics do not adhere to this guideline, causing disorder. In this regard, Minister Mam Bunheng requested Governor Khuong Sreng to take strict action against all owners of private clinics who use their ambulances to transport people injured in traffic accidents directly to their clinics, as this was previously banned by the Ministry of Health, including ambulances that do not have authorized licenses from the Ministry.

"Some private ambulances, which do not have a licensed clinic, transport accident victims and the bodies of the victims on the streets, causing dispute over the disordered transport, which is a factor that has adverse effects on the health sector as a whole, and the dignity of other doctors."

It should be noted that the Minister of Health’s warning comes after the news that the ambulance of the Malis Dangkor Polyclinic took a traffic accident victim to their clinic and did not allow the victim's family to choose another hospital for treatment if they did not pay the clinic for what treatment had already been given without request, and after a shocking video of a private ambulance operator fighting over a dead body on the street was posted on social media.

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