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Cambodian students come home with Gold from Teeneagle competition

PHNOM PENH: 80 students from Cambodia went to England to compete in the Teeneagle competition from 31 July to 7th and returned on Monday 8th August, with some of the students coming home with gold.

Students from Cambodia headed to England to compete in Teeneagle Global Final stage where it’s for the best of the best. Participants spend 8 days in London, UK and competing in the fields of the Knowledge Quiz, Writing Challenge, Spelling Bee, and Persuasive S

There are two categories based on the students’ grades as follows:

Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 referred to as the EAGLETS

Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 referred to as the EAGLES

EAC News spoke to 3 of the students, after their return wearing their medals with pride. 11 year old Heng Meng Hong grade 5. Sokha Monyneath a 13 year old in grade 8 both winning Gold medals and Sun Socheata 16 years old grade 10 won a silver, we also spoke to Diep Chanmony, Sokha’s Mother and the marketing director of Bright education Nory El .

Nory explained about the competition and the process of how to join the competition.

“This competition is English based competition which is held with two rounds. The first round is on line and the second round is called the global round in UK in London city. The registration process is if you want to join this competition. You have to go through the process of which grade you are from, which school you are from, and some information you yourself and some information about your school also.

So after you passed the first round examination on line which is held by Bright, you will be able to join the global final competition in London”.

The students stated they had a great time in England visiting some of the famous sites in London, Buckingham palace, Harry potter museum and other tourist attractions.

We asked the students how they felt to be competing in London.

Heng Meng Hong said, “I feel great because I get to stand up for Cambodia and Cambodia is not known for this”.

Sun Socheata said, “Well I felt great and I feel very honored to be able to compete against other students, around every countries and it’s fantastic”

Sokha Monyneath, “Such great experience for me because we had a lot of trips we had a lot of trips to the museums to Buckingham palace”.

Diep Chanmony, Sokha’s mother was very proud of her daughter, saying, “WOW, during the competition, I feel very nervous and worry too much worry about the competition, and waiting for two day is like waiting for two months or two years for me”.

On how they prepared themselves and training Sokha mentioned that she read books. Sokha’s mum was also asked how she helped with Sokha’s training.

Sokha Monyneath, “For my training I had a teacher that taught me extra classes, he taught me about public speaking, debates, spelling, knowledge quizzes, and writing essays. For my technique I usually read books and search difficult words, and searched their meanings, or if I have trouble with spelling I search up some words and I try to remember the spelling of that word”.

Diep Chanmony, Sokha’s mother explained how she helped Sokha

“I spend my time with her on the weekends; to read more books, try to speak more English every day. Let teacher to get extra class and try to push her to read more books”.

“For me I will encourage her to do more competitions”.

When they were asked how they felt competing online compared in front of the judges, Hong mention he was more nervous at the live round because there was more people watching as Miss Sokha for it the opposite.

Sokha Monyneath, “Online I think was quite worrying for me because it was my 1st time competing”.

Heng Meng Hong, “For me I was more nervous at the live rounds because there was more people watching me”.

When ask in what advice you would give to students you would like to compete but are too scared Miss Socheata said

Sun Socheata, “My advice is that you don’t have worry about your winning or loosing

Or anything just be yourself”.

We asked Sokha’s mother how felt when it was over and Sokha won gold, said she was so excited after the tournament and Sokha won.

Diep Chanmony, Sokha’s mother “I can’t say, it’s very hard to say because my feeling at that time, is very very nervous very happy to see her achievement. That she got winner

Of the gold medal winner I’m really, really happy. Nothing to say that she’s in this age just twelve, but she came winner with the gold medal. Yeah we represent as Cambodian.”

Overall the competition was a great success for the entire student who competed win lose or draw, they all had a good time in London.       


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