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Secretary-General of the DAC Calls on Korea to Support Rehabilitation in Cambodia

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PHNOM PENH: The Secretary of State at the Ministry of Social Affairs, and Secretary-General of the Disability Action Council (DAC), Em Chan Makara, has requested Rehabilitation International (RI) Korea to expand its rehabilitation project in Cambodia by providing wheelchair assistance to the DAC for distribution to persons with disabilities in need.

During the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement on the project to improve rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities on Wednesday morning, 3 August, Secretary of State Em Chan Makara said that South Korea has progressed further than Cambodian in providing more facilities to persons with disabilities, both in terms of care and rehabilitation services. With this recognition, he urged RI Korea to expand its assistance program beyond Angsnoul Hospital in Cambodia by providing more material support.

RI Korea Secretary-General, Yoo Myunghwa, said she is coming to Cambodia for the third time to help Cambodia's strongest rehabilitation hospital. She added that she is now assisting hospitals in Ang Snoul district, particularly in assisting the training of doctors and rehabilitation officers to improve their understanding of physical rehabilitation and IT.

Regarding providing more material support to Cambodia through the provision of wheelchair assistance, she said she will develop a project to support this work.

Lee Beom Suk, the President of the National Rehabilitation Center of RI Korea, also expressed his interest in the project, particularly the training of physiotherapists and physicians.

Secretary of State Em Chan Makara also briefed RI Korea on the process of building the National Center for Persons with Disabilities in Ang Snoul District, and thanked RI Korea for its continued support of the disability sector in Cambodia. He also asked Korea to consider supporting the organization of the CBID meeting in 2023.

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