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King and Queen Mother Donate $1.5 Million to Government for Mine Action

PHNOM PENH: The King of Cambodia, His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni, and Her Majesty Queen Mother Norodom Monineath Sihanouk, have donated 1.5 million dollars to the Royal Government of Cambodia to go towards mine action and demining efforts across the country.

As stated in a royal letter signed on 23 July, His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni donated US $500,000, and Her Majesty Queen Mother Norodom Monineath Sihanouk donated US $1 million.

In addition to providing royal support for humanitarian demining work, the King and Queen Mother also relayed their best wishes to Prime Minister Hun Sen and members of the Royal Government for making new achievements in the mission of the motherland and for the people.

On 6 July, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced a national movement to help clear mines in Cambodia, towards achieving a mine-free country by 2025. This movement welcomes the participation of people from all walks of life to make charitable donations that will help mine authorities accomplish this difficult task.

Currently, Cambodia has almost 2,000 square kilometers of land that still need to be cleared of mines, equivalent to more than 14,000 minefields.

A report from the Mine Authority states that from 1992 to May 2022, nationwide demining efforts achieved more than 2.4 billion square meters of land being cleared, equivalent to more than 1 million anti-personnel mines, more than 260,000 mines and more than 3 million explosive remnants of war. So far there have been 65,003 victims of landmines and explosive remnants of war in Cambodia, including 4,793 women, 6,106 boys, 1,393 girls. Of the victims, 19,818 died, 9,077 survived with disabilities and 36,108 survived with injuries.

Those who wish to donate to this cause can do so through online bank transfers.

ABA Bank: 004193716 (KHR), or 444445555 (USD).

ACLEDA Bank: 00010453888899 (KHR), or 000104538888888 (USD).

Canadia Bank: 10000006565 (KHR), or 0000666565 (USD).

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