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BREAKING NEWS: CPP Central Committee Meeting Achieves 7 Results

PHNOM PENH: The meeting of the Central Committee of the Cambodian People's Party (CPP), which was held for two days over this weekend, achieved seven major results related to the victory of the Commune / Sangkat Council election and the party's future direction.

 In a statement issued on Sunday, 17 July, the CPP announced the results of its two-day meeting centered on the party’s victory in the Commune / Sangkat Council election, which reflected the political maturity of the democratic process in Cambodia and the consistent multi-party election system, maintaining political diversity at all levels, from the national to the grassroots.

In addition to having pride over the election results, the party is also committed to promoting the implementation of certain priorities, with special attention given to further expansion, as well as the shortcomings that need to be addressed in order to strengthen the people's trust in the party's leadership.

The statement from the CPP says, “The meeting fully supports the Royal Government's efforts to maintain macroeconomic stability, curb inflation and maintain the purchasing power of the riel, in order to maintain the stability of people's lives in a situation under pressure from threats stemming from the situation abroad, promote the implementation of social protection policies, especially to help the poor and victims of Covid-19, increase the salaries of civil servants and the armed forces, adjust the pensions of civil servants and veterans, implement pensions for workers under the provisions of the Labor Law, and increase the minimum wage of workers. At the same time, the conference supported and actively participated in the achievement of the ‘Samdech Techo Hun Sen Project for Mine Action’ under the theme: Provide safe land, create smiles.”

The meeting showed support for the Party President, Prime Minister Hun Sen, to remain as the Prime Ministerial candidate for the seventh term, and also reiterated support for Hun Manet as the future Prime Minister.

The party also stated it fully supports the 10th Amendment to the Constitution and hopes that all political parties, civil society organizations and others will continue to work closely together in accordance with the principles of democracy towards the 7th legislature election in 2023.

The party also added, “We must prevent any hostile activities from any source that seeks to destroy peace, political stability, security and public order, incite divisions in society and hinder the development process of the Kingdom of Cambodia that is advancing. We are moving forward vigorously on the path to democracy and the rule of law."

The meeting called on members of the party who are part of the working group to continue promoting the tradition of patriotism and internal unity, continue promoting activities, including both the implementation of political programs and the strengthening of the party, as well as the connection with the grassroots level, to serve the people in accordance with their roles and responsibilities, to fully respond to the requests and desires of the people. The meeting also called on all party compatriots, both inside and outside the country, to continue uniting under the King and Constitution, and to unite with the Royal Government to maintain peace, protect all achievements of society and continue to build a more prosperous nation. 

After winning the 5th mandate Commune / Sangkat Council election, the CPP decided to hold a meeting of the party's Central Committee on 9-10 July, but the meeting was postponed to 16-17 July.

The two-day party meeting was attended by 3,474 party members nationwide at the CPP headquarters in Phnom Penh.

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