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New Draft Constitution Allows King to Appoint the Prime Minister Without Going Through the Speaker

PHNOM PENH: The new draft constitution allows the party with the most seats in the National Assembly to ask the King to appoint an elite as Prime Minister to form the Royal Government, which is different from the old law, which requires the appointment of the Prime Minister by the National Assembly addressing the King with the consensus of the two Vice Presidents of the National Assembly.

Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the new Article 119 (two) of the new constitution state, "At the request of the party with the largest number of seats in the National Assembly, the King appoints an elite as Prime Minister to form the Royal Government. The proposal from the party with the most seats in the National Assembly must be copied to the President of the National Assembly."

On Friday, 8 July, the Council of Ministers fully approved the draft constitution, and Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered the Minister of Justice to hold a press conference on this important draft law.

According to the draft constitution, this law aims to amend Article 19 (1), Article 89, Article 98, Article 102, Article 119(1) and Article 125 of the Cambodian Constitution, and add Article 3 and 4 to the Constitution.

Royal Government Spokesperson, Phay Siphan, has confirmed that the amendment to the Constitution is to maintain the normal functioning of the administration as well as the necessary interests of the people.

On the morning of Wednesday, 13 July, the Constitutional Council met unanimously to ask the King to pave the way for the government to amend additional articles of the Constitution, as this amendment does not affect the liberal democratic system and the constitutional monarchy.

Since the establishment of the Constitution in 1993 until now, Cambodia has already amended the Constitution 10 times.

At 3 pm on 14 July, the Minister of Justice, Koeut Rith, will hold a press conference to explain the purpose and content of the draft constitution.

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