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BREAKING NEWS: Fuel Prices Up as Government Limits the Impact

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Phnom Penh: The recommended fuel prices for the next two weeks in Cambodia have been announced by the Ministry of Commerce. Both petrol and diesel are going up by 260 riel a litre.

The Ministry says retail fuel prices at local stations from 16-30 June are as follows: petrol is now 4,060 riel per litre. A litre of diesel has been increased to 3,710 riel. The Ministry says the increases would have been higher without intervention from Prime Minister Hun Sen and the kingdom’s fuel distributors. With their cooperation, the Prime Minister has been able to reduce the recommended selling prices by 4 cents a litre.

The Ministry of Commerce has stressed that it does not set the retail price of fuel, but only quotes a recommended selling price in line with the fluctuation of international oil prices. The public is advised to ask all fuel stations to comply with the recommended amounts.

Fuel prices have been on the rise in recent weeks in Cambodia, as they have been around the world. International oil prices have climbed 70% over the past 12 months, as demand for oil increases as the Covid-19 pandemic eases in the United States, China and other major economies. Cambodia announces a recommended selling price for fuel every 14 days.

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