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Cambodia’s Ministry of Commerce Bids Farewell to Swedish Ambassador

Cambodia has asked Sweden to continue encouraging Swedish investors to look for business opportunities in the country. The remarks were made by Minister of Commerce, Mr. Pan Sorasak, during Tuesday’s farewell visit from the Swedish Ambassador to Cambodia, Mr. Bjorn Haggmark. The ambassador will be paying a number of farewell visits over the next few months, while the Swedish Embassy in Phnom Penh prepares to close before the end of the year.

During Tuesday’s visit, Mr. Pan Sorasak requested that the Swedish ambassador inform the Government of Sweden as well as the European Union about the efforts the Royal Government of Cambodia is making in “sustainable and equitable development in the economic, social affairs and environmental sectors”. He also underlined Cambodia’s commitment to adhere to multilateralism “in accordance with international standards and with consideration for developing and least-developed countries”. The Minister thanked the Government of Sweden for its cooperation with Cambodia in the areas of trade, education, civil servant capacity building and support for public-private partnerships.

According to Cambodia’s official press agency, AKP, Ambassador Haggmark “noted Cambodia’s economic growth and integration by adhering to multilateralism, as well as the progress it had made in the establishment of regulations to serve private sector and foreign investment in Cambodia”. The outgoing diplomat also highlighted the significance of participation in inclusive, transparent and environment-friendly economic development through the use of renewable energy.

The Ambassador said, despite his Embassy’s closure in Phnom Penh, Sweden will continue cooperating with Cambodia’s Ministry of Commerce to enhance bilateral dialogue and trade relations. Two-way trade between the two nations reached $64-million last year and $23-million in the first five months of 2021.

Stockholm announced earlier this year that its embassy in Cambodia would be closed and that the consular needs of its nationals would be served by its embassy in Bangkok.

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