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PM Instructs Citizens to Use Electric Vehicles

BANTEAY MEANCHEY: Prime Minister Hun Sen, has apologized to the people for the rising price of gasoline due to problems that are occurring on a global level. As a result, he has advised those who can afford it to use electric vehicles instead of vehicles reliant on fuel.

Speaking on National Fish Day in Banteay Meanchey province on Friday morning, 1 July, Prime Minister Hun Sen said that the global climate change agenda for 2030 or 2050 is becoming meaningless as Europe is moving backwards and re-using coal and could even become reliant on logging for fuel, due to the ongoing conflict with Russia.

As Cambodia transitions into a green economy, the Prime Minister has urged those who can afford it to use cars that use half-batteries or pure electric batteries in order to reduce fuel costs.

"I see two benefits: first, reducing the cost of gasoline, and second, reducing traffic accidents because [electric vehicles] do not drive too fast," said Prime Minister Hun Sen. "Those who have the money can order a Prius or a battery car, and gas stations should have battery charging stations."

The current crisis of rising fuel prices came after Russia launched an attack on Ukraine and the US-led West imposed a series of sanctions on Russian energy, largely cutting off Russian gas and oil exports to the world.

The price of fuel sold in the Cambodian market from 1-10 July is about US $1.45 per liter for regular gasoline and US $1.55 for diesel.

Prime Minister Hun Sen has often spoken out against Russian aggression on Ukraine, but has said he also does not to support any sanctions imposed on countries, including Russia, as it leads to losses for all.

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