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No More Distinction Between Vaccination Cards

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PHNOM PENH: The Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, and Chairman of the Commission for Covid-19 Vaccination, Dr. Or Vandine, has urged all citizens who have a three-month gap from their last Covid-19 vaccine, to go and get vaccinated with the third, fourth or fifth booster dose.

She said there would no longer be a distinction between different types of vaccination cards among those who were previously vaccinated by military doctors or civil doctors, so members of the public can use their cards to go and get vaccinated at any site they wish.

In a voice message released on Tuesday night, 28 June, Dr. Or Vandine confirmed that the Covid-19 vaccine boosts the immune system of both individuals and the community as a whole, helping to prevent the possibility of a Covid-19 outbreak reoccurring in Cambodia.

She said that not taking any booster doses will lower the body's immunity, especially when leaving the gap between vaccines for too long.

She said, "When you leave this gap for too long, it means that after receiving the vaccine, for three months or more, the immune system will gradually decline and it will go down in six to eight months.” Therefore, it is necessary to continue getting booster doses after three months or more have passed, in order to maintain balance as well as to strengthen your body’s immunity to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Dr. Or Vandine has called on people not to worry about vaccinations, as the vaccines given in Cambodia are all recognized by the World Health Organization and are safe for citizens.

Prime Minister Hun Sen, also announced on Tuesday night, 28 June, that Cambodia has discovered new cases of Covid-19, and has asked people to implement prevention measures and to get vaccinated to avoid a large-scale spread of Covid-19 within the community again.

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