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Do Your Part to Save Lives and Give Blood Tomorrow at Aeon Mall 1

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PHNOM PENH: A blood donation drive is being held tomorrow, Wednesday, 29 June, at Aeon Mall 1 for the Japan Heart Children’s Medical Center to support cancer treatment for children.

The Japan Heart Children’s Medical Center is in need of blood for their pediatric cancer patients, and the ‘Blood of Kindness’ campaign, started by local youths in cooperation with the center, is working to raise awareness about the importance of giving blood in Cambodia.

Some of the requirements for giving blood include:

- A good health condition

- Age between 18-60

- Weight of 45 kg or more

- At least 21 days after last Covid-19 vaccination

- No alcohol for 12 hours before donating blood

- A gap of three months, for men, and four months, for women, since last giving blood

Come and support a good cause and do your part to save lives by donating blood tomorrow at the Lively Plaza events area in Aeon Mall 1 (near the H&M store) from 9 AM to 4:30 PM.

For more information on the blood drive being held tomorrow and the full eligibility requirements to give blood, join the ‘Blood of Kindness’ Telegram channel ( ) or visit Local4Local’s Facebook page: .

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