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Ministries Urged to Work Together to Develop TVET

Phnom Penh: On Cambodia’s 4th TVET Day (Technical and Vocational Education & Training Day), Prime Minister Hun Sen has encouraged ministries to work more closely together to promote and encourage skills development. This year’s TVET Day is being held under the theme “TVET Improves Skills and Higher Income”.

In his message, the Prime Minister says a skilled and efficient labour force is needed to meet the needs of businesses and industry, both domestically and internationally. He says the Royal Government of Cambodia has “considered the development of technical and vocational education and training systems as the highest priority in all national policy frameworks”, pointing out that the government has invested heavily to keep pace with its economic development ambitions.

The Royal Government is busy promoting the implementation of the National Employment Policy 2015-2025, as well as the National Technical and Vocational Education and Training Policy 2017-2025 and the Cambodia Industrial Development Policy 2015-2025.

The aim is to modernise the technical and vocational education and training system, focusing on improving the quality of public, technical and vocational education and training institutions through increased investment in physical infrastructure, including school buildings, workshops and laboratories.

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