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Official results: The CPP controls 1,648 out of 1,652 communes

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Phnom Penh: The official results of the Commune / Sangkat Council Election show that the Cambodian People's Party won a total of 9,376 seats, which occupies 1,648 commune chiefs.

In addition to CPP controlling 1,648 communes, the party also won 1,879 deputies' positions.

While the Candlelight Party holds the position of 4 commune chiefs and 1,385 deputies.

In addition to these two parties, there are seven other parties that won seats in this commune election, FUNCINPEC with 16 deputies, Khmer United National Party with 11 deputies, Grassroots Democratic Party with 4 deputies, Cambodia National Love Party with 3 deputies, Cambodian Youth Party with 3 deputies, Kampuchea Niyum Party with 1 deputy and Beehive Social Democratic Party also with 1 deputy.

The 5th Commune / Sangkat Council Election was held on 5 June to elect 11,622 Commune / Sangkat Councilors nationwide out of 1,652 Commune / Sangkat. The official results of the National Election Committee show that more than 7.3 million people or more than 80 percent went to the polls, with over 9.2 million registered voters.

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