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Belly Dancing Class Brings Joy to New Jersey Seniors

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NEW JERSEY: A group of seniors ululated and shook their behinds wrapped in orange, pink and green hip scarves in a belly dancing class in New Jersey.

Some seniors showed up in sequins, wearing headbands adorned with flowers and moved their bodies left and right. The class is hosted by nonprofit organization Senior Source.

Shlomit Oren, belly dancing instructor, said, "Today, it was magnificent. I love it that a lot of them wore costumes, they wore flowers on their heads, they came really dressed up, they really played the game to come and show up, and that's so fun. It was beautiful to see them smiling and (ululating) doing their noises, so beautiful."

Oren said her students get a great workout, in addition to other health benefits with belly dancing.

She said that burning calories, getting the heart moving, pumping oxygen and energy all over the body, renewing your cells, also strengthening your muscles, working on the flexibility, working on cognition because you have to remember your left and then your right then you go back and then go forward. Belly dancing really work out the muscle memory and uplifting the spirit.

Students Maggy Petrosian and Marian Sepede agreed that it's beautiful, it's sexy, it's exercise, it's discipline, a lot of work. It's a great workout and it's healthy because it moves the whole body from top to bottom and they loved it.

More than 15 senior women shimmied their shoulders, dropped their hips and belly danced around the room, smiling and laughing along the way.

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