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Dr. Or Vandine Wrote a Book “More than 25,000 kilometers Travelled” Describing the Prime Minister's Mission against Covid-19

Phnom Penh: Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Or Vandine wrote a book entitled "More than 25,000 Kilometers Travelled: Mission Impossible Became Mission Successfully Accomplished on Behalf of Samdech Prime Minister” to overcome the battle of Covid-19 in Cambodia.

According to Dr. Or Vandine, the main purpose of writing this book is to show the gestures of great generosity and consideration for the well-being, health ,and well-being of the Cambodian people in general, as well as deep respect and love, sincere appreciation of the good example of 100-year-old grandparents and the general Cambodian people who have volunteered to vaccinate against Covid-19 in accordance with Prime Minister Hun Sen's "Blossom" strategy to irrigate Covid-19 vaccine to prevent public health disasters and save lives in a timely manner.

On the other hand, this book also aims to show the unprecedented historical mission in Cambodia under the initiative to point out and assign this special task on behalf of the Prime Minister in the process of fulfilling the noble humanitarian mission. Through this mission of more than 25,000 kilometers across the country, this also shows that Cambodia has elderlies who live more than 100 years.

The book, which compiles the humanitarian activities on behalf of the Prime Minister, has another great purpose which is to keep a document of the study and research for the next generation to understand this important social work under the greatest wisdom and excellence of the Prime Minister. No other country in the world has carried out such humanitarian activities when the epidemic of Covid-19 was intensifying and in a timely manner as well.

For this book, the Prime Minister authorized and provided funding for the first 3,000 copies to be distributed free of charge to ministries, institutions, universities and libraries, sub-national administrations, capital-provincial health departments, national and international organizations, embassies, some media institutions, and related individuals.

This book is copyrighted. If any researcher or salesperson wishes to make a copy or republish it, they must first obtain permission from the author.

Finally, Dr. Or Vandine would like to dedicate this book in honor of her father, Or Kimhy, who passed away, and her dear mother, Ly Chantha, who is still alive and well, and to the ancestors who sacrificed their lives for the nation and for the Cambodian people.

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