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Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Confirms China Has No Intention to Rule Other Countries

SIHANOUKVILLE: The Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia, Wang Wentian, has said that China has its own traditions and culture and does not want to rule over any other country, as good leadership of its own country and people is enough for the country's ambitions. He made this statement while speaking to reporters after attending the groundbreaking ceremony for the ship repair workshop and restoration port at the Ream Naval Base on Wednesday morning, 8 June.

Ambassador Wang Wentian said that the development of the Ream Naval Base in Sihanoukville acts as a model for cooperation between Cambodia and China, with respect to Cambodian law, the People's Republic of China, and also international law. He said this project is for the benefit of the two countries' relations and that any accusation made about China wanting to place a military base in Cambodia is foolish and wrong.

"Speak honestly, which country has an army abroad, not China! And the one who is trying to increase their influence, prestige and power is not China. So, no matter how much pressure and challenges we face in the future, both countries will overcome those obstacles to protect their interests," said Ambassador Wang Wentian.

The Chinese Ambassador stated China does not want to rule over any country, and has its own traditional culture of "governing its own country and its own people properly, which is enough." He added that China has the same mindset on human destiny, saying that it wants to build a happy world without war together with other countries.

On 6 June 2022, the Washington Post published an article reporting that Cambodia had signed a secret agreement with China that allowed China’s military to use the Ream Naval Base. The Post also reported that the United States expressed disappointment when Cambodia demolished a building at its Ream-backed military base.

The Cambodian Minister of Foreign Affairs, DPM Prak Sokhonn, dismissed these allegations as baseless on Tuesday, 7 June, and reaffirmed that Cambodia adheres to its constitution, which does not allow for any foreign military base or presence in the country. He emphasized that the upgrade of the Ream Naval Base was to strengthen the capacity of the Cambodian Navy, protect its maritime integrity and combat maritime crime.


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