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Statement of the Observation six Cambodian associations based in AUS and NZ on the Elections

Phnom Penh: A Statement released from six Cambodian Associations based in Australia and New Zealand, 7 June, 2022 with their findings of the commune/Sangkat Elections held on the 5th June 2022.


"Process of the 5th Communal Elections in the Kingdom of Cambodia is a role model for countries in the region"

We, representing six Cambodian Associations based in Australia and New Zealand, having sent the representatives to observe the process of the 5th Communal Elections in the Kingdom of Cambodia, would like to highly commend and appreciate the National Election Committee (NEC) for their efforts and hard work, enabling the electoral process to run smoothly in good environment both during the election campaign and the voting day without any violence and threats.

Representatives of the six associations, who went to observe directly some polling stations, expressed their delight at the electoral process and proclaimed, "There is probably no election as trustworthy as the one in Cambodia, which is fair, accurate and no fraud. It is an election with political party agents serving as observers at the polling stations, and the counting of ballots is done directly at the polling stations, meaning that the results are seen by all political party agents, with no frauds being committed."

The 5th communal elections on June 5th, 2022-which was contested by 17 political parties and observed by 72 institutions, organizations, communities and 19 international communities, as well as by 5 distinguished guests, including the embassies of Japan, Australia and Russia-was run very smoothly in the sound security, good order and in a calm, free, fair, non-violent and non-threatening environment. Especially, population in large numbers, went to vote for the 5th communal elections.

The 5th communal elections genuinely were conducted in the free and fair election process. All political parties can participate freely and equally in all processes and in accordance with the legal framework. The people who went to vote applauded and expressed their will through free and peaceful elections. We did not notice any forms of intimidation or violence in any of the polling stations that we observed during the elections. And voters can participate freely and enjoy the elections of their respective commune leaders.

Being involved as international observers, we would like to congratulate Cambodian people for their contribution to the strengthening of democracy in their own country, having shown their will by going out to vote in very large numbers, in accordance with the Cambodian Laws and Constitutions, with free choice made and protected by the Confidential Voting System. Meanwhile, we highly appreciate the impressive efforts of the National Election Committee (NEC) for making the election the role model for countries in the region, and for ensuring the elections are conducted in a free, true, fair, transparent environment, with no intimidation.

Last but not least, we would like to commend the Royal Government of Cambodia for their commitments to upholding the Cambodian Laws and Constitutions, safeguarding democracy in Cambodia through running elections regularly and in a secure environment.

We all highly congratulate the glorious victory of Cambodian people who contribute to the safeguarding and strengthening of democracy in Cambodia.

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