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Communal elections of the 5th Mandate Begins Free, Transparent and Citizen Participation

Phnom Penh: The President of the National Assembly, the President of the Senate and the Prime Minister went to vote for Commune / Sangkat Councils in their respective constituencies this morning, June 5, 2022. Seventeen political parties will compete for 11,622 seats in commune councils across the country out of 1,652 communes.

At 7 am on Sunday, June 5, 2022, all polling stations across the country opened for the 5th Mandate Commune / Sangkat Council Election 2022, a national election to elect local commune chiefs.

Senate President, Say Chhum and his wife went to the polls at Wat Koh High School, Sangkat Boeung Reang, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh. While the President of the National Assembly, Heng Samrine and His wife went to vote in Tbong Khmum Province.

This morning, at around 7 am, the Prime Ministers of Cambodia, Hun Sen and his wife Bun Rany Hun Sen voted at the Kandal Provincial Teacher Training Center in Takhmao City, Kandal Province.

He didn’t make a statement after he voted.

The Minister of Interior, DPM Sar Kheng, went to the polls at You Soher Secondary School in Battambang province, where he observed that all 17 political parties have carried out their activities freely and correctly in accordance with the law.

"The 5th Mandate Commune Council Election 2022 has been a great success for our nation, which is a factor in preventing war and division. It is a good sign of more growth in the local community," said the Deputy Prime Minister.

People who came to vote expressed their happiness to be voting today.

A female resident of Kandal province, about 35 years old, told EAC News that she was happy to be in the commune council elections. She said the arrangement was done correctly and easily for the people to own their vote.

I feel happy, as a Cambodian, I have the right to choose the people I like," she said. "This election went smoothly, peacefully, without coercion, we can choose who we like.”

Another female resident of Kandal province, 80-year-old Lay Sam Ol, said she had participated in both the 1993 national elections and commune council elections in 2002, and every elections after. She said she was happy to go to the polls because it was the people's right to choose the party they love to serve the people.

"I am happy to be able to vote in Kandal province," she said.

As from 11 a.m. on Election Day, nearly 5.2 million people had cast their ballots, accounting for more than 56% of the total electorate.

The NEC has recognized 75,000 national observers, 110 international observers and 23 special guests for the 2022 5th Commune / Sangkat Council Election.

Election observer from the International Center for Democracy (CDI) told EAC News that the election was "smooth". She said there were no irregularities in the election process. She praised that Cambodia has held better elections from one mandate to another.

Election Observer from think tank also told EAC News from his observation ‘so far everything running peacefully and people can vote freely’. He mention he could notice the excitement from the local people.

The 5th Commune / Sangkat Council Election was held on June 5, with 17 political parties taking part in a total of 11,622 Commune / Sangkat Council seats nationwide. Seats out of 1,652 communes / Sangkat with more than 9.2 million registered voters.

Preliminary results will be announced by the NEC from 6 pm on June 5.

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