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Interview with Observer Ek Nath Dhakal

PHNOM PENH: On the day of the commune/Sangkat elections EAC news reporter Anthony Ellis, had the privilege to be able to interview with an international observer Ek Nath Dhakal, a formal Minister of Nepal.

Q. "What is your name and where are you from?"

A. "I'm Ek Nath Dhakal and I’m coming from Nepal. I’m Parliamentarian and formal minister of the government of Nepal. I am part of Think Tank delegation to observe the Cambodian community elections”

Q. “How do find the way the elections going now here in Cambodia compared to Nepal?"

A. “Well I think many similarities’ we are here a couple of days we’re able to talk with people so they excided and so this morning we visited the polling station, we saw the list of registered voters and the process they will cast their votes, so found quite similar voting system like my country and then we found that people really excited about this commune elections."

Q. "In your observation so far have you found or seen any irregularities or anything that shouldn’t happen?"

A. "So far there is far as our knowledge is no. It is very peaceful and anyone can come."

Q. "How’s the other observers felt the welcoming and the hospitality by the local people here?"

 A. "Well I think the Cambodian hospitality is really incomparable, so we feel at home here and that we are seven international group. We are also able to listen to from some the Prime Minister he explained about the election, we are also able to interact with the election commission, I think it’s really exciting time."

Q. "Is this the first time you have observed an election?"

A. "I was here to observe the National elections, fours back."

Q. "Compared the difference do you have you noticed that the change the people on how they are voting how they acting or any irregularities from the last elections?"

A. "I think similar from the last National elections."

Q. "What is actually you official job that you are here to do?"

A. "I am here this time my main purpose to observe the election, so I’m going to visit a number of polling stations, so I am here now at the first polling station. I think then tomorrow we are going to hold a press conference and will announce our official feeling about the election process." 

UPDATE: A previous version of this article misprinted Mr. Ek Nath Dhakal's name as Akna Dargal.

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