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Ministry of Health Is Studying with the WHO on the Use of the Vaccine for Monkeypox

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Health is studying, with the World Health Organization (WHO), the possibility of finding and using vaccines for Monkeypox, as the disease has been found to be infecting communities in other countries, some of which had never recorded cases before.

The Director of the CDC in Cambodia, Dr. Ly Sovann, has told EAC News that so far, the world has not reported any deaths from Monkeypox, but the disease still cannot be underestimated. He urged people to be careful and to continue monitoring their health status.

He stated that Monkeypox can be fatal if the patient has other diseases that weaken the immune system, and added that the ministry is currently studying, with the WHO, the possibility of using vaccines.

He said, "We are studying this matter. I think vaccination is a priority, but we need to study with the World Health Organization; we need to listen to the recommendations of the World Health Organization."

Symptoms of Monekypox include rash or blisters on the hands, palms, feet, face, and one or more symptoms, such as fever over 38.5 degrees Celsius, muscle ache, swollen lymph nodes, headaches, and back pain.

The CDC Director has urged the public to be vigilant and to follow up any suspected cases by going to the nearest hospital or calling 115, the emergency health service number.

Since 13 May 2022, cases of Monkeypox have been reported to the WHO from 23 member countries, as the epidemic investigation continues. To date, most of the reported cases have not been related to travel to infected areas.

According to the WHO, as of 26 May, 520 cases of Monkeypox have been so far reported in 23 countries, with countries in Europe being the most affected.

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