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NEC Bans Political Parties from Mobilizing Activity Which Causes Insecurity

PHNOM PENH: The National Election Committee (NEC) has instructed all political parties during the election campaign not to mobilize supporters from provinces or capitals to cause insecurity and disrupt social order during the campaign period and the election. This is according to an instruction that was published on Thursday , 2 June, to strengthen security for the 5th Commune/District Council Election 2022.

NEC President, Prach Chan, has said in the instruction that in order to ensure the smooth process of the 5th Mandate Commune/District Council Election in 2022, in a calm environment of security, public order, safety, no violence, and no threats, the NEC and the Permanent Security Command for Elections require political parties and/or candidates not to mobilize forces from any capital or province to cause insecurity or disrupt social order in order to destroy the election campaign and the election.

In addition, political parties and/or candidates and citizens must be involved in safeguarding the environment of security for the election campaign and the election without any action contrary to the principles of the election law, or the regulations and procedures of the election, the ethics for political parties, and candidates in the election process, as well as other relevant legal documents in force.

The NEC and the Permanent Security Command for Elections state that they strongly hope that all political parties, candidates, registered citizens, members of the general public, competent authorities, and the Election Commission, as well as the structural mechanisms of the Permanent Security Command for Elections at all levels, work together to implement this guideline with a high sense of responsibility to create conditions which ensure a calm, non-violent, non-threatening and completely safe environment for the 5th Mandate Commune/District Council Election 2022.

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