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Hun Many Says a Good Future for Children is Everyone's Responsibility

PHNOM PENH: The youngest Member of Parliament, Hun Many, has said that taking care of children is an investment for the future as well as the responsibility of everyone in society. Hun Many wrote this remark in a post made on his personal Facebook page on Wednesday morning, 1 June, coinciding with International Children's Day.

Hun Many stated that in his more than 40 years of life, while he did not go through the Khmer Rouge regime, the clashes between the Khmer Rouge and the government in 1997, or the events of the 2008-2012 war over the Preah Vihear region, he did experience the crisis that affected, and continues to affect, all aspects of Cambodia: the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He added that the pandemic has affected Cambodia in terms of public health for all families, the general daily lives of people in the country, as well as the national economy. Seeing this crisis, the Cambodian government has introduced emergency response measures to ensure the protection of the health of the people and children until now, which has allowed Cambodia to fully reopen, and students across the country have been able to once again attend school in person.

He wrote, "We strive today for a better future for all of our children. Taking care of children is an investment for the right future because this is our responsibility. This is the tradition of the Cambodian People's Party.”

Since the start of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign from 10 February 2021 to 30 May 2022, Cambodia has vaccinated 94.01% of its 16 million population, of which more than 4.3 million are children between the ages of three to 18.

The Chairman of the Cambodian Human Rights Committee, Keo Remy, had previously remarked that Prime Minister Hun Sen has rescued people from two major disasters, with the liberation from the Khmer Rouge regime, and the liberation of the people from Covid-19.

On Tuesday, 31 May, Prime Minister Hun Sen posted a picture of himself from when he was in his forties, with the caption, “looking at this photo, it was [taken] between 1994 and early 1999, during the implementation stage of the win-win policy in every moment while I slept, walked, stood, or sat, longing for peace, in order to have the opportunity to build the country.

The Prime Minister added that now since peace has been achieved, the younger generations should not have to go through the same type of tragedy that he and previous generations experienced while trying to find peace.

"Do not wait for war to shout [that you] love peace when it is too late to save, as it is in Ukraine," he wrote.

For more than 23 years, Cambodia has achieved peace and national reconciliation with full national unity and one government, which has benefited from the win-win policy of Prime Minister Hun Sen since 1998. Achieving complete peace has given the Royal Government enough opportunities to develop the country to this day.

The Prime Minister often states that he would not allow Cambodia to fall into a state of war as before, declaring that at any cost, peace must be maintained.

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