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PM Does Not Accept the Criticism that Selecting Hun Manet as the Future Prime Ministerial Candidate is a "Transfer of Position"

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen has confirmed to the international community that the selection of Hun Manet as a future candidate for Prime Minister is not a transfer of power from father to son, as leaders in Cambodia are democratically elected by the people.

Answering questions at the 27th International Conference on the Future of Asia on Friday, 27 May, Prime Minister Hun Sen stated that the election of Hun Manet as the future Prime Ministerial candidate is the decision of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) based on the candidate's ability.

He added that if Hun Manet is found to be incompetent for the role, he would not nominate him as a candidate which could lead to the destruction of the party, which he and other party leaders are trying to build.

The Prime Minister said, "For those who criticize, please continue to criticize, because we use the election [to elect political parties and the Prime Minister]. If the CPP loses the election, it will not only lose Hun Manet, it will also lose Hun Sen (see him fall from office). So is anything wrong with voting? I teach my children not to be thieves, in a world that does not want their children to be rich, to be high ranking."

Hun Manet is the eldest son of Prime Minister Hun Sen, and was elected by the CPP as the future Prime Ministerial candidate on 24 December 2021. Hun Manet is currently the Deputy Commander of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and the Commander of the Royal Cambodian Army.

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